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Me. Ellen.
Ahh i love rome ^3^

"I once threw a pen at a kid’s head for raising his hand in class and saying that PMS should disqualify women from leadership positions."

lol this girl has earned my respect.

A cartoon by Tom Cheney. For more cartoons from this week’s issue:

Tips & Tricks
You are what you eat
Nutrition directly affects skin energy from the inside out, which makes skipping breakfast a bad idea. Here’s what to eat now for your best beautiful self.

Colorful Fruits and VegetablesPacked with powerful antioxidants, and lycopene, red fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes and red bell peppers, help repair skin tissue and protect against the sun’s harsh rays. Carrots are a big source of carotene, an antioxidant that is converted into vitamin A, which is wonderfully beneficial to the skin. So load up on all those colorful fruits and veggies!
FishAlong with being low in calories, fish such as salmon, mackerel, rainbow trout, and sardines all contain omega-3 fatty acids, which help fortify skin membranes and protect against free radicals. The healthy fats allow water and nutrients into the skin while keeping toxins out.
Beans and Lentils Beans and lentils are a budget-friendly staple to have on hand and are also one of the best foods to eat for your body’s overall health. The healthy legumes don’t pack on pounds and are very low-glycemic. And beans are anti-inflammatory, which means they combat dull, dry skin — and body fat.
Dark Greens We’re talking about young cereal grasses, like barley or wheat grass, which offer greater levels of nutritional density. But, if you’re not up for tossing back a daily shot of wheat grass, dig into dark leafy greens, such as kale, spinach, and chard for a big detoxifying punch. Packed with beta-carotene, vitamin E and C, regularly eating fresh greens keeps skin clear, healthy, and radiant.
YogurtIf you love these little salty yummies then get happy because olives are a good source of healthy fats. Along with extra virgin olive oil, the nutrients in olives keeps cells supple and skin glowing. Both contain oleic acid, which helps the body absorb omega-3s and other vitamins and nutrients from our food.

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Tumblr Tuesday: Women’s History Month
Who Needs Feminism?All of us.
Equality for HERHealth Educational Rights (HER) has been celebrating WHM (Women’s History Month) with biographical snippets and minimalistic portraits of influential women past and present.
Women of Library HistoryName some badasses. “The Navy SEALS?” Sure. “B-613?” Maybe. “The Feminist Task Force of the American Library Association?” Fuck yes. Shout out to our Tumblarians.
Cool Chicks from HistoryChicks have been cool since forever.
Stop Telling Women to SmileAn art series letting you know that it’s not okay to tell women to smile.
Photo via Who Needs Feminism?

With SXSW officially marking the beginning of music festival season, we’ve rounded up a handful of under-the-radar Austin-bound bands who we’re planning to keep an eye—and an ear—on in the coming months.
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Le music :3